XXVII Latin American Master Thesis Contest

The XXVII Latin American Master’s Thesis Contest (CLTM) is an annual event held within CLEI 2020. The objective is to disseminate and transmit the work of Latin American students who have recently completed their master’s thesis in computer science.

Students who have graduated or have a graduation date in the period between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 may participate in master’s programs of Latin American and Caribbean Universities CLEI members. The papers submitted must be individual (not group), and thematic in any of the computer areas (disciplinary areas defined in the computer curriculum established by the IEEE / ACM).

Participants must have completed the curriculum by the date of submission of work. To participate in the contest, a summary of the work done in the thesis must be submitted. Contributions will be judged by an evaluation committee, who will choose the 3 best jobs.

The winning works will be presented orally and published in the proceedings of the XLVI Latin American Conference of Informatics (CLEI 2020) that will be held from October 19 to 23, 2020 at the Private Technical University of Loja, Ecuador. In order to receive the award, it is required to present the work personally at the CLEI 2020 conference.

Important dates

Deadline for receipt of work: Jun 14, 2020 (extended)

Notice to winners: August 3, 2020

Deadline for sending the final summary: September 6, 2020

Job Submission

# section refers to the call for paper, link to the system

Papers can be written in Spanish, Portuguese or English, and must be submitted using the conference article management system https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=clei2019. It must be sent in a single .zip or .rar file called _.zip or _.rar, containing the following information (all files included in PDF format)

FIRST FILE (Presentation page):

You must include the following information:

  • Work title
  • Name and email of the author (it is reiterated that only individual works will be accepted)
  • Home institution
  • Full address of the institution, including telephone and fax
  • Name, email and address of the director of work

SECOND FILE (Summary of the Master’s Thesis):

Note: If the work is written in Spanish or Portuguese, the abstract must be written in English.

THIRD FILE (Proof of Documentation):

Digitized PDF version of all the necessary receipts to prove the author’s graduation (copy of the Magister’s degree certificate within the dates stipulated in this call or equivalent document).

Note: The document certifying the approval of the thesis is NOT SUFFICIENT. It is important to prove that the entire curriculum has been completed.

FOURTH FILE (Aval University representative before CLEI):

A letter of guarantee from the representative of the University of the applicant, stating that said institution is a member of CLEI.


The prizes will be in dollars and will be given to the winners, after making a 30-minute presentation during the conference. The author of the thesis that obtains the first position will receive US $ 1,000, the second US $ 750 and the third US $ 500. If the oral presentation is not made, the corresponding prize will not be entitled.

The winning works will be published in the proceedings of the XLVI Latin American Conference of Informatics (CLEI 2020), so the summaries themselves must be unpublished.


  • Andrea Delgado, UdelaR (Uruguay)
  • Yudith Cardinale, USB (Venezuela)

Evaluating committee

#They are proposed by the Chairs

First and Last Name (First Name University)