XII Congress of Latin American Women in Computing

The XII LAWCC will be held as part of the XLVI CLEI (Latin American Informatics Conference). Its main objective is to highlight the research, interest and achievements of women in the various areas of computing, with the intention of encouraging the active participation of more women. In the presentation of papers it is hoped to identify the challenges of women in the area of ​​Information Technology and Telecommunications (ICT), in teaching, in the labor market and in research. It seeks to find ways to address recurring problems related to gender and interaction with society in this context.

Topics of Interest

  • Analysis of the activity and participation of women in CS (computer science and computer science), STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and ICT (information and communication technologies), in general.
  • Scientific and technological programming contests (hackathons) with female presence.
  • Development of computer applications (games and others) with female or developed themes with a strong participation of women.
  • Gender and Human Computer Interaction.
  • Female leadership models in Computing.
  • Gender particularities in the development and implementation of ICT.
  • Gender particularities in the teaching of CS / STEM / ICT, in the 5 levels: initial, preschool, basic / primary, middle and higher education.
  • Participation of women in national and international decision-making regarding the use of ICT.
  • Public policies around Women and ICT.

Job Submission

Submissions must be made through EasyChair


  • Germania Rodríguez (UTPL), Ecuador
  • Alicia García-Holgado (USAL), España

Program Committee

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