XXVII Ibero-American Symposium on Higher Education in Computing


SIESC is an event that focuses on interdisciplinary factors in computer and computer education, computer and computer education at the beginning of a career in computer science, computer science teaching, as well as university-business partnership models.

Topics of Interest

Interdisciplinary factors in computer and computer education: ethical, social and / or economic aspects, philosophical problems, historical analysis

Computer and computer education at the beginning of a career in computer science (tertiary or university): heterogeneity of incoming students, experiences in introductory courses, university relations with pre-university education, first programming language, training professors of computation, computational thinking and education in computing and informatics

Didactics of computer science: different theoretical approaches and / or practical applications, teaching and evaluation methodologies, teaching modalities: mental models, constructivism, active learning, modalities in computer teaching (face-to-face, semi-face, distance), modalities of traditional and / or automated teaching and evaluation, simulators for computer training, accessibility in computer education. Problems and strategies of approach. Tools, experiences, other strategies and / or tools for computer teaching-learning

Models of university-business association: curriculum design based on factors required by industry, promotion and training to undertake business initiatives, internships, work and student drop-outs

Job Submission

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Program Committee

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