Latin American Symposium on Business Processes, Architectures and Organizational Systems


SLPNASO focuses on advances in the disciplines of Business Processes, Architectures and Organizational Systems, considering aspects of modeling, design, implementation, execution and evaluation of large-scale, complex, collaborative and interoperable distributed software systems.

Topics of Interest

  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Organizational Scale
  • Services Architectures (ESA)
  • Middleware for organizational-scale computing (web services, service bus, message-oriented middleware)
  • Complex event processing and event driven architectures
  • Architectures at organizational and application scale
  • Application deployment at organizational level and governance
  • Model Directed Architectures (MDA) and Model Directed Engineering (MDE) for business processes and services
  • Methods for engineering at organizational level
  • Process and service oriented Software Architectures for Business
  • Process Management (BPM)
  • Process-centric Information Systems (PAIS), user-centered PAIS, social BPM
  • Modeling, verification, configuration and implementation of business processes
  • Process execution, process mining and business process intelligence
  • Distributed and inter-organizational business processes
  • Inter-organizational collaboration through the Internet in a cloud, social and big data world
  • Integration at organizational, business and application levels
  • Applications and platforms at organizational level

Job Submission

Submissions must be made through EasyChair


  • Jorge López (UTPL), Ecuador
  • Lilia Muñoz (UTP), Panamá