X Workshop on Nomenclature and Accreditation in Computer Programs

WNAPC brings together academics, administrators and professors from Latin America, Spain and the United States to examine the variation of the names of computer programs in relation to their contents and to elaborate proposals. Due to this variation, there is a need to reach a joint agreement of competencies that represent the main careers of the Computing area. The event wishes to identify the differences in specific content in undergraduate computing careers in several Latin American countries, as well as deepen existing de facto standards. The organizers consider it very important that the degree programs have coherence between the content, the set of skills they form, the degree they grant and the training of the teaching staff. It is considered that this coherence would increase mobility among professionals in the region and also outwards greatly increasing the level of understanding of what we form in our careers. It is also considered of medium-term interest for the Industry, as it will simplify the development of projects in more than one country.

Topics of Interest

  • National experiences in accreditation
  • Curriculum reform processes
  • New careers
  • Adaptation to programs and international nomenclature


  • Samanta Cueva (UTPL), Ecuador
  • Ernesto Cuadros (UTEC), Perú
  • Carlos Esombelo-Montesco (UFS, Brasil) estombelo@gmail.com

Workshop Objectives

Deepen the creation of an open exchange space on the advantages and disadvantages of creating the great diversity of names in our region in programs in the Computing area.

Discuss openly about the diversity of names, contents and professional titles awarded in careers in the area of ​​Computing in the countries that participate in CLEI. Find match points between the various existing career proposals considering the international proposals of IEEE Computer Society and ACM

Who can participate?

All academics who wish to discuss the problem of lack of coherence between the various names, contents and diplomas of professional programs in the area of ​​Computing in the region are cordially invited.